The Bloody Mary

Happy New Year! As we move into 2012, I am assuming that most if not all of you waited until today 2 January to start your New Year’s Resolutions. As one of my friends said, you cannot expect to even think about eating healthy or working out the day after you’ve rung in the New Year. In fact, I am assuming that many of you did not head to bed until well after 2012 started, as was the case with me. I spent New Year’s Day curled up under my favorite blanket watching movies, leaving only to partake in my favorite meal of the day: brunch! While I was not hungover, there was little to no chance I felt like doing much of anything or imbibing any of the drinks I consumed from the night before – so where do you go when you have eliminated champagne/sparkling wine, gin and tonics, wine, port, and beer? The obvious choice was not only the perfect cure for the previous night out, but the perfect brunch drink: the Bloody Mary. It tasted delicious – it was the perfect mix of spice and pepper, with a little dash of the hair of the dog.

The Bloody Mary is not only one of my favorite drinks (if made properly), but probably one of the most complicated drinks. The drink has an endless amount of components and each person has a different idea of how it should be made: spicy or sweet, vodka or gin, pickle or celery, old bay or salt rimmed, etc. There are an endless array of recipes and concoctions for this drink.

I am very picky about my Bloody Mary–it must be spicy, have some sour element from a pickle or an olive, have a dash of Worcestershire sauce, and always must include the obligatory celery stalk. My recipe is below:

Kate’s Bloody Mary’s

1. Fill a pint glass with ice and add 2 to 3 ounces of vodka (Absolut is my preference)

2. Next, add a dash of celery salt, two dashes of Worcestershire sauce, a dash of olive juice, and hot sauce and ground pepper (to taste–depending on how spicy you want your drink)

3. Add tomato juice (I use either spicy V8 or Mr. and Mrs. T’s Spicy Bloody Mary mix). Using a spoon, stir until drink is properly mixed

4. Add a celery stalk and olive. Finish off the drink with ground pepper and a dash or two of hot sauce (to taste) and garnish with a lime

As I finish this post, I think it is worth commenting on a couple of places I have been to recently that have surprised me in their Bloody Mary making:

*The Heights in DC: This restaurant actually has a proper/interesting make-your-own Bloody Mary menu. The menu can be found using this link: and clicking on “Bloody Mary.” I chose to have an Absolut Bloody Mary with very spicy tomato juice, wasabi, lime wedge, celery stalk, dill pickle, and an olive – It was absolutely delicious!

*Village East in London: This is one of my favorite spots in London. I have eaten their brunch, lunch, dinner, and have just gone for cocktails – all reliable and good food or drinks. I recently tried the Village Mary for brunch (, just tomato juice, vodka, and lemon and was surprised at how “clean” and understated the drink tasted. While I do not think it would be my go-to Bloody Mary, it will be something that I would not mind having once in awhile.

*Cafe Deluxe in DC: While I know this is a chain restaurant, the location on Wisconsin Avenue in DC is my favorite ( They make a consistently good Bloody Mary and it has become my go-to brunch and more importantly Bloody Mary restaurant. I would recommend going in the summer and eating outside under the umbrellas.

Hope everyone had a relaxing New Year’s Day and enjoyed a Bloody Mary or two! If anyone has any recipes to share, or restaurants to recommend, I am all ears and always up for trying something new. Happy 2012!


One comment on “The Bloody Mary

  1. I enjoy a healthy dose of sriracha in my bloodies – nothing’s better for helping sweat out all those evil spirits from the previous evening!

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